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Reiki and Essential Oils

Reiki and Essential Oil Use




Essential oils are often used during a Reiki session and can be placed on the temples, the brow, the wrists, the throat, or the bottoms of the feet. 

Essential oils carry an emotional healing quality as well as physical healing properties.  Essential oils support the five stages of healing identified in Holistic Care which are:

1.    Assist in Healing the Physical Body

2.    Assist in Healing the Heart

3.    Assist in Releasing Limiting Beliefs

4.    Assist to Increase Spiritual Awareness and Connections

5.    Assist to Inspire the Fulfillment of Our Life’s Purpose


Essential oils are known to help in the healing process of the physical body, raising the body’s vibration and balance the body systems.  When used along with energy healing during a Reiki session, many clients have found the essential oils to be an enhancing part of their session.  It is important to understand that healing of the mind, body, and spirit is a process in which we, ourselves, have to participate.  We have to be able to release old emotions to make way for new, positive experiences.  Releasing is part of healing, whether it be through a physical detoxification process of the body or an emotional process of cleansing.  Essential oils are an excellent tool in the emotional and physical care of the human body and spirit. 


Although it seems simplistic, the first thing that has to happen for the healing process to begin is that a person WANTS to be well, willing to let go and release the emotions that seem to be trapped in the personal being and attached to old feelings of pain, trauma, or bad memories. 

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