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The Reiki Room is one of relaxation and peace.  You will find even our cats Ben E. Bighead, Sasha, and The Queen love the Reiki energy and participate in our classes and sessions! 

1.   The Reiki Room is one of relaxation and peace.
2.    A session lasts from 30-40 minutes.
3.    Feel the energy from the quartz.
4.    Stones and crystals to enhance the Reiki Room.
5.    Step outside after your session for a breath of fresh air!
6.    Ben E. Bighead is waiting for his session!  Animals love Reiki....
7.    Vintage silk screen and stones.
8.    Enjoy a cup of hot tea and grab a book in the Reiki Room.
9.    Another view of the harmony of the Reiki Room.
10.  Yoga Cat says Breathe!
11.  Stones enhance the beauty and positive energy of daily living.
12.   Jami sending Reiki to Robbie....with a shadow reflection.
13.   The Reiki Principles and a photo to honor Dr. Mikao Usui.
14.  Teresa Hager, our wonderful teacher, sending energy to Michele.
15.  The energy flows through your palm Chakras with Reiki.
16.  Ben E. Bighead took over Teresa's teaching box....relaxed from all the positive energy!
17.  Jami allowing Reiki to flow....
18.  Robbie preparing to receive Karuna Reiki® at the end of day one of our classes under the instruction of Teresa Hager.
19.  Study, study, study!!!  Working hard on our Karuna Reiki® studies.
20.  Teresa Hager on day one of our Karuna Reiki® classes, ready to begin...and with Ben E. supervising!
21.  This sweetie was enjoying receiving Reiki at the 2013 Holistic Fair held in Augusta, Georgia.
22.  We gave free mini-Reiki chair sessions to many people, both children and adults, at the 2013 Holistic Fair.
23.  Several of our practitioner friends giving Reiki at MelloDynamic Energy's booth at the 2013 Holistic Fair.
24.  This sweet little boy had an earache and was teething.  One of our practitioners sent Reiki to his ear area, at which time he promptly fell asleep!
25.  MelloDynamic Energy's booth/table for the 2013 Holistic Fair.
26.  Reiki being given to the public via free demonstrations so they could experience the healing benefits of Reiki.

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