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How Can Reiki Help Me?

Reiki is a spiritual/vibrational healing practice that can bring overall balance to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental areas of a person.  Reiki can be used to strengthen well-being.  It can reduce pain symptoms, reduce anxiety, ease fatigue symptoms, and can even aid in recovery after an injury or surgery.  Reiki therapy often clears the mind, helping one to see life situations clearly.  After receiving a Reiki treatment, most people report a sense of feeling balanced with clearer thinking and being centered in the “now”.  Most people report a difference after their first treatment with increased benefits with each session.   Reiki is becoming more widely used by nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals including physical therapists, massage therapists, dentists, and chiropractors as they integrate Reiki into their patients’ care during an office visit or inpatient care. 

Reiki is an excellent therapy to be open to experience because people generally report feeling better very quickly.  As a person’s anxiety and stress levels lessen, they can begin to feel hopeful about their situation and start making needed lifestyle changes or break longtime negative thought patterns that can cause self-doubt, depression, and the feeling of not being able to move forward in life. 


Reiki cannot interfere with current medical care and it should not be considered a replacement to a physician’s care; it should be regarded as complementary care.  A Reiki treatment is performed by a trained practitioner with a non-invasive, light touch (or no touch with the hands hovering) which is given to a fully clothed person either lying down or sitting comfortably.  Reiki can be learned by any individual and, once learned, self-treatments can be performed, bringing the same results as when a trained Reiki practitioner gives a treatment.  Each person’s healing path is unique.  Experiences shared by those receiving Reiki are varied and numerous ranging from, "I have never felt so relaxed" to "I have this great feeling of lightness and happiness".  After a Reiki treatment, a person may have a feeling of profound relaxation.  Listed below are many of the other ways Reiki is beneficial to the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health of a person:

·         Stronger self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-acceptance

·         Sense of a spiritual connection that does not involve the adherence to specific beliefs.  Reiki is not a religion or a cult.  Reiki can be performed and received no matter what one’s personal religious/spiritual belief

·         Improved sleep

·         Pain management

·         Stress reduction/relaxation

·         Reduced anxiety

·         Eases the effects caused by invasive medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy

·         Increased satisfaction in relationships

·         Heightened intuition

·         Improved digestion

·         Accelerated recovery after surgery or injury


Personally, I see my life as “before Reiki” and “after Reiki”. 
Life is complicated. 
I was going through the daily things like we all do, often times feeling stressed and overwhelmed even though I have a very good life and consider myself a blessed person.  We don’t realize it but we humans carry things with us, deep in our psyche from as far back as childhood.  They can be words that hurt, traumatic experiences, or memories we wish to forget.  All of these thoughts and energies build up in our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual subconscious areas and can cause the intricate nature of the mind, body, and spirit to become off-balanced or even ill.

My own personal experience describing the "before and after" is this; 
I felt like I had been wearing a heavy coat for a long time.  I just wore it, never taking it off because it was “there”, as I had become used to the feeling and familiarity of it.  After my first Reiki session, I literally felt the heavy coat was gone, shed along with some life experiences (many that I was likely consciously unaware of).  These experiences had kept 'the coat' clinging to me for a long time.  I immediately felt peace, empowered, and a release of these past negative feelings and events that were being held. 
Reiki has helped me to become a more balanced person in our crazy, uncertain world. 

Of course, we will all still have bad or off days but I have found that my clarity, coping skills and the ability to just “go with the flow” are much stronger.

From the above, you can see why I consider Reiki to be a life-changing experience for me.  I am grateful for being introduced to Reiki.  Through instruction in the art and skill of Reiki, I now having the ability to teach and help others grow, to release the negative, and to feel they are moving through live to achieve their higher self-worth and contentment.  Reiki may not be for everyone, and I understand this completely....BUT those who are exposed to the Reiki experience often immediately know how beneficial this alternative medicine/holistic healing art is.


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