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Q: Does Reiki work if I can't feel it?

A: Yes. Whether you are a practitioner who is still learning to sense the subtle sensations of the energy, or a person who is receiving a Reiki healing, once a person is attuned to Reiki, the Reiki energy is flowing.  It can be hard to believe in something you can't feel though, so this can be difficult.  I don't want people to have to take me "on faith" and just believe rather than experience the energy. I believe that experience is our best teacher of our truth. If you feel it, it's real for you. If you've experienced it, you have a frame of reference.  There can be many reasons why a person might not be aware of feeling the energy. Here are some of them:


             inexperience (not knowing what to expect to feel)

             over-thinking or over-analyzing each sensation

             health or emotional state which could mask the subtle
               energv.   sensations

             being hot or cold, or in pain which could cause the body
               to just register the overwhelming physical sensations  

             need for energy - maybe the person had Reiki recently and
               doesn't need much at this moment

             denial - people who think that Reiki is fake, and are
               determined to believe it will have a harder time
               recognizing it when they do.

It's also important to note that individuals are naturally sensitive to energy in their own way, which could be not at all, or could be involving natural psychic abilities. In short...everyone's different.

Another thing is everyone needs to become aware of his or her unique way of sensing energetic information. Usually these energetic sensitivities, called "clairs" will fall into one of four categories: visual, hearing, touch, and knowing.

If you're visually sensitive, you may see colors, patterns, or images with your eyes closed. If you're audiently sensitive, you may hear music, ringing, buzzing, or vibration in your ears. If you're touch-sensitive, you may feel changes in temperature, tingles, waves of a magnetic or static-like feeling, pressure, lightness, or other physical responses.  If you're cognitively sensitive, you may just “know” that something is different.  Becoming aware of your way of sensing intuitive information will help you pay attention to those particular sensations and recognize them when they happen. Your attention will also make them feel stronger and more nuanced as you practice or just tune in. So I always by to teach my students and clients to "be aware of" their clair." If you just don't feel, see, hear, or sense anything, cut yourself some slack. Are you a practitioner? Practice more. And also, get feedback from those you offer energy to. Do they feel it? What do they feel when you are giving them Reiki? Let that be reassuring to you. The more you practice, the more you'll start to sense some patterns in the way you feel when giving Reiki. You may start to recognize a consistency and that is the energy talking to you.

If you are receiving Reiki and you don't feel or notice anything, instead, place your awareness on how you feel in general before and afterward. What changes for you after you have your treatment? Do you notice less stress? Less pain? A more clear and positive feeling? Feel emotionally lighter? Results are more important than anything, really. Reiki is here to help you get into balance. Feeling the energy isn't really the goal of a Reiki healing. I hope these answers and suggestions have been useful.








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